L1 Visas Under US Immigration Law FAQs

I wanted professionals who knew the ins-and-outs so that I had the best chance of being able to come to Canada. I reached out to VisaPlace kind of on a whim, knowing that I needed to apply for permanent residency in order to stay with my spouse and our two cats. They were immediately and incredibly responsive, and almost instantly made me feel that I was dealing with professionals who cared about my case. The spouse and unmarried children of the L1 nonimmigrant will be classified as L2 nonimmigrants. A L2 spouse is eligible for work authorization and should submit an application for employment authorization (Form I- 765).
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The availability of the above procedure does not preclude the advance filing of an individual petition with DHS, in which case the beneficiary may present a copy of the approved Form I-797, Notice of Action, at a POE. If you would like a hard copy of the L-1 petition and approval notice mailed to you, or you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the attorney or paralegal that handled your case. Please contact our office if you would like to initiate a permanent residence application. We recommend beginning the permanent residence application as early as possible so that you may be eligible to extend your L-1 status beyond the five year limit. The expiration date of your I-94 card should match the expiration date on the L-1 approval notice. However, if your passport expires before the end date of your L-1 approval notice, you may not be admitted to the United States for the full-term of your visa and your I-94 card will expire on the date your passport expires.
However, each business is different and requires individual consideration. Specialized knowledge means advanced expertise vital to the employer’s research, products, services, equipment, and processes as they relate to conducting business in the international marketplace. Depending on the position each employer needs to fill, they may request either an L-1A or an L-1B Visa. L-1A and L-1B Visa holders who wish to become permanent residents in the U.S. may do so by requesting a status change from an L-1 Work Visa to an EB Employment Based Visa.
The requirements for an L1a visa are the same as the L1 visa supporting documents. The good point is that you do not have to prove to the officials that you intend to return to your home country for an L1a visa or explain why you want to stay in the US. Sweta is also a chartered accountant — the equivalent of a CPA. This makes her uniquely positioned to understand the immigration needs of her business clients in the broader context of their corporate objectives. Sweta has been recognized as a ” Super Lawyer, Rising Star,” and as amongst the ” Top 40 under 40″ immigration attorneys in California .
The L1 visa allows foreign businesses to transfer certain employees to a US branch, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate company. However, despite all of these benefits, the L-1 is not the easiest work visa to obtain. This is because the USCIS is becoming stricter with who qualifies as a manager, executive, or employee with specialized knowledge. If the PED on the L-1 visa expires before the I-129S expiration date, this could be because the employer’s Blanket L petition approved by USCIS expires before three years of L-1 status usually granted to L-1 visa applicants. Blanket L petitions are initially granted for a maximum of three years and many individuals apply for their L-1 visas when there is substantially less than three years left on the employer’s Blanket L petition. If there is such a discrepancy, the expiration date on the I-129S rather than the PED should determine when the L-1 visa expires.
The visa application process for intracompany transfers application process is sometimes difficult to navigate. Schunk Law can help with all aspects of the application and filing process for applicants, their employees and families. There’s also theE-B4 Green Card, which is available to religious workers and translators, and theE-B5 visa, which caters to foreign nationals interested in investing significant capital in the U.S. To find out more about filing for an adjustment of status and your eligibility for a different type of working visa, it’s best to talk to an immigration lawyer. The L1 Visa lasts for three years unless the employee is coming to open a new office in the United States, in which case the duration is one year. For executives and managers, they may stay for a total of seven years.
This is your chance to set it straight because any ambiguity may cause confusion and possibly a denial or an RFE. Essentially, what USCIS is looking for is executive control over major decisions for the domestic operations or extensive managerial duties over people or contracts with little or no oversight from others. It is for this reason that there are no hard-set planned personnel requirements for L1A. l1a interview questions may manage a dozen or more employees of the company, or a contract manager may manage contractor relations that are vital to the business. L-1 visas may either last for an initial maximum of one or three years, depending on whether the applicant is establishing a new office or moving into an existing one. The maximum extension limit on an L-1 visa is seven years –– though it is possible to switch from an L-1 visa to a green card.